Business & Strategic Consulting

A Consultant is like a Hired Weapon who has the experience to help you pierce through the market. A consultant advises and guides you through your business plans and helps you execute the plan into action, thus saving you a lot of time and money in the process. Whether you are a Start-Up or an Established Business, you may require an outside expert who could execute your plan, train your resources, and build competency & efficiency around the vertical or business process. 


Besides, a Consultant will serve the following purpose:

  • Domain Expertise 

  • Neutral and unbiased feedback 

  • Provide with Right Advice

  • Device Strategy and Road Map  

  • Creating a vision 



We understand that every business is unique in terms of the People, Product, Positioning, Customers, Value System & Vision, and Culture and we insist on understanding these about your business before engaging with you professionally so as to have a meaningful engagement. We believe in being hands-on and work with you in winning strategies for your Business. 


Business consulting can help you with the following :


  • eCommerce Strategy 

  • Digital Marketing & Media Strategy

  • Branding & Communications 

  • PR & Corporate Events 

  • Cost Control & Revenue Growth 





We have over 10,000 + Hours of direct and hands-on experience in the following 


Managing eCommerce Business & Operations 


We have hands-on experience in being involved with the following business models across different businesses. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Investor with ideas or an existing business raring to go online, we can help you set-up, organize, execute and scale your business online 


-  Retail eCommerce 

-  Subscription Model 

-  Market place Model 

-  App-based Business 

-  Omni Channel 




Textile is the 2nd largest industry in India and Handloom plays an essential part in this. Also, Hand-made Craft & Slow Fashion has already started to symbolize Real Luxury and it is no surprise that we are one of those few countries to have a plethora of it. In our eyes, every handcrafted product, every centimeter of woven fabric oozes Luxury. And, Indian handloom crafts are one such marvel that has withstood time, with the art being passed from one generation to another. Talking about our team, we were a bunch of people with different corporate backgrounds, and Sarees were nothing but serendipitous to us. Whilst working in a corporate set-up, each of us got a calling and ended up in saree business during the last few years. Fast forward to today we have worked with over half a dozen saree brands of different sizes and understand the various dynamics involved in the business. In the last 4 years, we have helped saree brands generate over Rs.30 Crores in revenue across all formats, eCommerce primarily!

Leverage our market intelligence/expertise to take your saree business to the next level. Go Digital, Structure your organization, or simply hire us to Improve revenue.

A drawing in a black board where a stick figure walks over stairs to reach a shining bulb (Idea) at the top.
The image contains the words related to strategy like goals, vision, plan, teamwork, research, etc
A Black board containing words related to planning like goals, vision, plan, risks, etc