Digital Marketing

In today's world, your digital identity determines your existence. Whether you're an Individual, Solopreuner, Entrepreneur, Own a Family business, or a corporate, you are identified with your digital presence and how you / your business communicates digitally with the rest of the world. Not to forget the number of opportunities that can come by your way by showcasing your strengths and offerings digitally. 

With 4.5 Billion Internet users across the Globe, Marketing on the Internet is soon taking over traditional marketing. With the ongoing COVID-19 Scenario worldwide, it is now inevitable for the business not to have a digital presence and it is foreseen that Digital Marketing will take over traditional marketing this year. Against traditional marketing, Digital Marketing allows for defining and targeting the audience as per one's business and objectives. It allows one to interact with the audience ( Webinars, Mailers, Surveys, Polls, etc ). This means, better audience connect and business feedback that would help you steer and course-correct your business.

While there are many ways of marketing your product and services online, we work with you to identify the suitable mediums for your business and help you leverage the potential of every medium based on its strength. 

Broadly, we offer the following as services under our Digital offering Bandwagon:
















Web Design & Development:

A website is the heart of your business on the Internet. It's where you can express the vision of your business and showcase your Offering (Product, Service, Expertise, etc . ), accomplishments, USP, and People involved and simply sell your products. Having a Website also helps build credibility with your contacts and it's where your potential customers, employees, and clients can find & contact you! We believe in Simplicity and Practicality while offering design solutions to our clients based on their business and offer cost-effective web development solutions. We offer the following as a part of our web design solution.

1. Business Websites
2. eCommerce Websites 
3. eCommerce Integrations 
4. Website Redesign and Enhancement
5. Website Audit 


Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Statistics indicate that an average individual spends roughly 6.5 Hrs on the Internet each day and more than half of this time is spent in consuming content from social mediums, thus making it a vital part of the Digital Marketing strategy for any business. The Social media handle of any business/brand is the most popular engagement medium with its customers and has also become synonymous with the way the brand is perceived & hence it's reputation.


We provide the best advice to our clients in a variety of areas like Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development, and much more. Come grow your business with Purplechalk.

At Purple Chalk, our social media experts help you define and develop a well thought out strategy for your business to emerge as a winner in the social ocean. From Ideating, Creating content, Planning, and executing concepts for your business, we do it across the most significant mediums which include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Tiktok & Pinterest.

We offer the following services related to social media individually and as a whole :

• Creative Photography 
• Model Photography 
• Graphic Design, illustrations & Animations (2D & 3D)
• Content Writing 
• Influencer Marketing 


Influencer Marketing :
Get Endorsed and gain accelerated visibility with our Influencer Marketing solution where we connect with the right influencers based on your business, content, aesthetics, and budgets. Should you have a specific requirement in collaborating with an influencer? let us know and we will help you connect! 

PPC Campaigns  (SEM) :

We offer the following Search engine marketing services 

• Google Adwords - Generate revenue, Boost Website traffic, get leads with Google AdWords search & Display marketing.

• Landing Pages - Creative web pages designed especially for capturing leads.

• Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads -  
• Retargeting and Remarketing - Re-target or Re-market the users who have visited your website/blog earlier but have not taken any action. Don’t miss these potential leads!

• Media buying - Ensure where and when your advertisements need to be displayed with optimum reach and returns.

• Shopping ads  - Highlight and list your company’s products on Google Product Listing Ads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : 

Get your traffic ticking and get listed on the 1st few pages in Google with our expert SEO services.
We offer the following services under the SEO for your business.


- Link Building 

- Top keyword and SERP analysis

- Competitive Analysis

- Content Creation & Blog Writing

- Performance Analysis & Reporting
- SEO for eCommerce  (On-Page & Off-Page)
- Google Penalty Assessment
- Improve your Google Ranking 
- Generate Quality traffic/leads 

- Website Optimization and Assessment

A chalk drawing of a monitor and a Mobile device, which represents web designing.
Social media Icons
An infographic about SEO and facets of it.