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Chennaigaga, the first of its kind theme-based souvenir store in India, takes its name from a deep affection and admiration for the city of Chennai. Chennai, formerly known as 'Madras,' holds a special place in the hearts of its residents. Chennaigaga proudly serves as an authorized partner of the esteemed Chennai Super Kings, offering their exclusive merchandise for online purchase.




Web Branding, Design, Development, Search engine Marketing

Fashion and Apparels, Gifting & Souvenirs


Web Design , Development, Whatsapp, Form download app, Marketing Integrations


eCommerce, Fast Fashion


Platform - Shopify Design and Development, Google Ads , Meta (Facebook , Instagram )




Cataloging/eCommerce Management, SEO, SEM, Creatives, Offline Creatives

Facebook Commerce, Google Merchant Centre

Google Analytics custom configuration, Google Search Console


In 2019, Purplechalk partnered with Pashudh as their branding and strategy agency, aiming to establish Pashudh as a dominant player in the online market. Over time, our collaboration expanded to encompass digital marketing, ecommerce operations management, and marketing. As part of the second phase of the website, we successfully migrated the catalog from WooCommerce to Shopify, seamlessly integrated new plugins for rewards and WhatsApp automation, and redesigned and developed the website. Additionally, we facilitated Pashudh's brand refresh, which involved redesigning and expanding the catalog.


Chennaigaga, an Ecommerce business running on WooCommerce, sought the expertise of Purplechalk to address certain issues with their website. After conducting a thorough analysis, Purplechalk identified several key areas of improvement, including problems related to UI/UX, responsiveness, and overall performance of the existing site. As a solution, Purplechalk proposed migrating the entire Ecommerce platform to Shopify.

Once the new design was approved by Chennaigaga, Purplechalk devised a comprehensive plan to seamlessly transfer all content and assets from the existing WooCommerce site to the new Shopify platform. The goal was to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions to the website's functionality and user experience.Throughout the migration process, Purplechalk's team diligently worked to transfer product descriptions, images, customer data, and other vital components to Shopify. The team also focused on optimizing the website's performance and ensuring that the new design enhanced the overall user experience.

After thorough testing and quality assurance checks, Purplechalk ensured that the new Shopify-based Ecommerce site was fully functional and ready for the Go Live phase.

Sujata Tarekasan, Chennaigaga

" ​"Subramanian MLN is a great support to any business. His experience is an enriched one and he has a good grasp on the latest trends and gleans the worthwhile ones out for his clients. He also has a wholesome taste in overall aesthetics of a venture and especially so for the sales and marketing plans of products and services.
He has keen insights into buying behaviours and is well read and articulate. His company Purple Chalk would be a good bet for anyone looking at enhancing their online presence and Subramanian can take the lead with aplomb when it comes to the world of retail and sales."

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