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Perhaps the first theme based souvenir store in India,the name Chennaigaga was specially coined out of enthusiasm and love for the city of Chennai, a city still fondly remembered by its previous, beloved name: 'Madras'.  Chennaigaga is also a licensed partner of the coveted Chennai Super Kings to sell their Merchandise online.

Primary Services:

Web Designing:


Tech | Tools :


eCommerce Web Design and Development,  Search engine Marketing

Web Branding, Design, Development

Fashion and Apparels

Platform- Shopify Design and Development, Google Ads

Cataloging, SEO - On Page

Integrations/ Add Ons:

 Whatsapp, Form download app


Purplechalk was involved with Chennaigaga for their business strategy and execution. The business wanted to fix their existing Ecommerce Performance issues and offer their users superior experience.



Chennaigaga was running their Ecommerce on woocommerce at the time when they approached Purplechalk. We analyzed and identified issues with ui/ux, responsiveness and the performance of their existing site and proposed that the business move to Shopify. 

Once the design was approved, a migration plan was setup to seamlessly move the content and assets to Shopify and Go Live 


Sujata Tarekasan, Chennaigaga

"Subramanian MLN is a great support to any business. His experience is an enriched one and he has a good grasp on the latest trends and gleans the worthwhile ones out for his clients. He also has a wholesome taste in overall aesthetics of a venture and especially so for the sales and marketing plans of products and services.
He has keen insights into buying behaviours and is well read and articulate. His company Purple Chalk would be a good bet for anyone looking at enhancing their online presence and Subramanian can take the lead with aplomb when it comes to the world of retail and sales."

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