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PASHUDH | Pioneer in Silk Sarees


The Brand that Redefined the Kanjivaram Silk Saree space online with eye-catching designs, tasteful photography and aggressive marketing and utilization of influencer marketing. 
Pashudh is a brand of contemporary, authentic South Indian handwoven and pure silk saree. Pashudh has been the centre for authentic, hand-woven South Indian silk sarees, adorned by beautiful women from across the country. A popular label from Arni, Tamil Nadu, with over four decades of designing and weaving authentic kanjivaram silk sarees



Business Strategy & Brand Consulting, Ecommerce Operations Management, SEO & SEM, Offline Events and Exhibitions, Website Design, Maintenance & Management, Social Media Marketing and Revenue Generation.


Fashion and Apparels / Handloom


Web Branding, Design , Development, Whatsapp Commerce, Marketing Integrations,






eCommerce, Luxury Fashion

Platform - Shopify Design and Development, Google Ads , Meta (Facebook , Instagram ), Whatsapp Automation & Integration, Website Migration, Youtube, Moz , Adobe Suite.

Cataloging/eCommerce Management, SEO, SEM, Creatives, Offline Creatives

Facebook Commerce, Google Merchant Centre

Google Analytics custom configuration, Google Search Console


In 2019, Purplechalk partnered with Pashudh as their branding and strategy agency, aiming to establish Pashudh as a dominant player in the online market. Over time, our collaboration expanded to encompass digital marketing, ecommerce operations management, and marketing. As part of the second phase of the website, we successfully migrated the catalog from WooCommerce to Shopify, seamlessly integrated new plugins for rewards and WhatsApp automation, and redesigned and developed the website. Additionally, we facilitated Pashudh's brand refresh, which involved redesigning and expanding the catalog.


Our team initiated the project by creating a prototype that placed special emphasis on user interface (UI) design, ensuring effortless navigation and seamless discovery. We prioritized a minimalist approach to navigation elements while incorporating flexible filters for enhanced user convenience. Our primary focus was on showcasing the traditional kanjivaram silk catalog, providing visitors with an easy exploration experience and assistance in choosing from a wide range of options. To achieve an inclusive and harmonious blend of class, tradition, and style, we collaborated closely with the team to develop the perfect combination of visuals, icons, typography, content, and copywriting that effectively conveyed their unique personality.

Through our partnership, we successfully enhanced the user experience of the website. Visitors can now easily locate the desired content, with contact information prominently displayed on the page. We also worked in conjunction with our solutions provider to seamlessly migrate the site from woocommerce to shopify , ensuring a smooth transition, easy redirects and uninterrupted functionality.


By implementing our expertise, we successfully enhanced the website, resulting in an improved user experience characterized by faster and easier information retrieval.  We prioritized creating a fast, streamlined buying process, ensuring a seamless and efficient user journey. Our main focus was on enhancing the product catalog, implementing seamless redirects, and optimizing the site for better visualization on the web. We carefully utilized a brand-related color palette to reinforce brand identity and worked on highlighting the product descriptions, making them more prominent and engaging for the users. These enhancements aimed to provide a visually appealing and intuitive browsing experience for potential buyers.

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