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All About Shopify's Groundbreaking 3D Product Model Feature

Shopify has rolled out a groundbreaking new feature allowing merchants to create 3D product models directly in the app. This game-changing update democratizes 3D modeling, making it accessible to all sellers, not just big brands. The new functionality promises to boost buyer confidence, increase conversion rates, and reduce the number of product returns. Check out the details below

How It Works

Update your iOS device to iOS 17 & launch Shopify app.

  • Choose or add a new product.

  • Use the in-app 3D scanner to capture your product.

  • Review and add the 3D model to your store.

Why It's Game-Changing

  • Affordability: Skip the expensive equipment and studios! Now you can create 3D models yourself, leveling the playing field for all merchants.

  • Increased Conversion: Boost buyer confidence with 360-degree product views. Customers can see the product from every angle, enhancing their understanding and reducing uncertainty.

  • Reduced Returns: With more clarity about the product's size, shape, and texture, expect fewer returns and save costs on shipping and customer service.

Quick Tips

  • Start with objects larger than 8cm in dimensions.

  • Use soft, even, natural lighting.

  • Make sure to have 10-15 uninterrupted minutes for the capture.

This new feature not only democratizes 3D object creation but also sets a new standard for ecommerce, elevating customer experience and enhancing the seller's toolkit.

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